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Vaccines and the Coronavirus

My wife thinks I’m crazy. She is probably right. “Why in the world would you want to write anything about vaccines? You are just asking for trouble.” A quick perusal around social media will make it clear that talking about … Continue reading

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The Complexity of Compassion

Compassion is a tricky thing. It isn’t always what you think. Recently my family and I saw a man asking for money on the side of the road. We have experienced enough to know that giving money is usually not the … Continue reading

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Decluttering Your Brain

Do you feel like your brain is in a fog? Struggling to focus? Fighting anxiety? Stressed? We live in an age of distraction. Our minds are constantly pulled in a thousand directions. Everything is competing for our attention. It’s hard … Continue reading

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Racism Is Sin

If one thing should be clear to believers in Jesus Christ, it is that racism is sin. Any attitude or action that sees one race, one skin color, as superior to another is antithetical to the heart of Scripture from … Continue reading

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Love Is Love

“Love is love.” The signs seem to be everywhere right now. The message is simple enough…and hard to argue against. Love is love. How can you deny that? But certainly some clarification is needed. First of all, not all loves … Continue reading

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