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How (Not) to Read the Bible

Ever come across a strange passage in the Bible that confused you…maybe even challenged your faith? Ever come across a social media post or meme or YouTube video that attacks the Bible…even mocks and ridicules it? Ever struggled to make … Continue reading

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How Much Do We Really Need to Know?

We live in a world of ubiquitous news. It is everywhere. 24/7. On the TV. On the radio. On the computer. On our phones. I remember reading a statement in the book,¬†Margin,¬†which has always stuck with me: A single edition … Continue reading

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We Need More Than Courage

I am noticing that the word “courage” is being used a lot in Christian circles today. “More than anything we need courage in this present age!” “We are to stand courageous!” “It takes courage to be a true Christian!” And … Continue reading

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Staying Balanced in an Extreme World

Have you noticed how polarized our world has become? We seem to be drawing battle lines…retreating behind walls…lobbing grenades at our enemies. The middle ground is eroding. The extremes are becoming the norm. And social media algorithms and market-based, crisis-driven, … Continue reading

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The Disturbing Case of Ravi Zacharias

As a pastor, I pay close attention when I hear the news of another pastor dealing with depression, struggling with addiction, or falling into moral failure. Unfortunately, the stories happen way too often. The latest involves one of my spiritual … Continue reading

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