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I Am a Spoiled American

I confess. I am spoiled. It isn’t a secret with my family. I am the youngest of six children and I am pretty sure that all of my older brothers and sisters would say that I am spoiled. What can … Continue reading

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Is December 25 Just a Pagan Holiday?

As a child, I always loved Christmas. I loved decorating our home. I loved watching the gifts pile up under the Christmas tree. I loved waking up on Christmas morning and opening gifts with my family. Precious memories. But I … Continue reading

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Is Christianity for Real or Is It Just a Bunch of Hopeful Hooey?

She was a young adult dying from cancer. As her pastor, I was by her bedside, reading Scripture, praying with her, and pointing her toward heaven. Suddenly she turned to me with tears in her eyes and asked, “How do … Continue reading

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A Sober Eschatology (or How to Live in the End Times without Losing Your Mind)

I guess from the world’s perspective I am pretty crazy. I believe that Jesus Christ is coming back in the clouds to snatch away His bride, the church. I believe that a time of intense tribulation is coming on the … Continue reading

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The Strange Mix of Dispensational, Postmillennial, Pentecostal, Political, Prophetic, Apocalyptic, Gnostic Christianity

Have you noticed the newfangled Coca-Cola Freestyle dispensers in restaurants? They allow you to mix your own concoction of soft drinks with the click of a button. I have stood behind kids whisking through the screens combining a host of … Continue reading

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