Achilles Rupture: One Year Later

Achilles tendon

Achilles tendon one year after surgery.

On November 21, 2009, I ruptured my Achilles tendon during a taekwondo graduation. Three days later I underwent surgery to repair it. The recovery time was six months to a year. I am at that year mark.

Overall the tendon feels pretty good. My range of motion seems to be back to normal. I can walk without any problem. Running has been a little more of a challenge.

I ran on the tendon for the first time in July just to see what it felt like. Surprisingly it felt normal. But I didn’t push it too hard. Since then I have ridden my bike around the neighborhood, swam a few laps in the community pool, and played some light games of basketball with my boys. Nothing too serious or strenuous. Then a few weeks ago I decided to go jogging again. I wanted to go a few blocks around my neighborhood.  The tendon felt good; my stamina was pathetic.

Before the rupture, I was about as active as I had been in my life. I was jogging two to three times a week and participating regularly in taekwondo. I was feeling fairly young. The rupture quickly reminded me that I wasn’t.

Six months of inactivity takes its toll. Not only do you lose some of the flexibility and mobility but you also lose the stamina and the desire. You form new habits. And for me, jogging and taekwondo were no longer a part of them.

Yesterday, on Thanksgiving, I did play a game of touch football. It was a different type of running. Cutting. Running backwards. Quick stops and starts. I was mindful of the tendon and I felt it twinge here and there but overall it felt good and some of my quickness still seemed to be there. So I guess I am fully recovered even if I am now out of shape.

The surgery scar still bothers me at times. I can’t wear shoes with a hard back or ones that slip up and down on my heel. I had a pair of nice golf shoes I had to stop wearing after they nearly rubbed a blister on the back on my heel.  I sometimes wear an extra pair of socks just to keep the back of my heel as cushioned as possible.

But as I reflect on the past year I realize that so much more has happened than just the recovery of my tendon or wearing extra socks. Life has changed for me.

Whether it was providential or not, my snapped tendon occurred at the same time as a major juncture in my life. After twelve satisfying years as an associate pastor in NJ, I suddenly had a choice to make. An opportunity presented itself to pastor a church in Baton Rouge, LA. My phone interview took place several days after my Achilles surgery. My visit to Baton Rouge took place near the end of my physical therapy.

It was a big decision…one of those decisions that affects the trajectory of the rest of your life. And with a wife and four kids, it was a decision that also affected them and their lives. New city. New church. New neighborhood. New friendships. New routines. New responsibilities. New doctors. New grocery stores. New events in life. New futures. What friendships (and influences) my boys will have in their teen years, where they will go to college, and who they will marry were probably all changed when we moved here.

But the Lord was gracious. He led in so many ways. He didn’t have to confirm anything…yet He did…in ways that I could see.

So why the Achilles rupture near the same time? Was there a purpose? I obviously can’t say for sure. But I think there was a reason. On one level, the rupture reminded me that I wasn’t young any more. It was time for a transition…not only in my physical activity but also in my ministry. If I was going to pursue my desire to lead and pastor a church, then the time was now.

But on a higher level, the rupture reminded me of my weakness. It reminded me of how easily I can be taken down. There is no room for pride in any of us. We are all mortal beings with fragile bodies living with borrowed breath from our Creator. And whenever we think we are strong, it only takes something as small as a snapped tendon to drop us to our knees.

So before putting His sheep in my care, God wanted to remind me again who I am. I am a weak vessel with a great treasure serving a great God for His glory…not my own. And if I forget that, then He can take me down in a heartbeat.

I have the scar to prove it.

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9 Responses to Achilles Rupture: One Year Later

  1. admin says:

    Thanks, Kristi! We miss ya’ll too. I pray that you and John are doing well. Come visit us in BR when you get the chance :>).

  2. Brian Harrison says:

    We serve a awesome GOD!
    I have RT and LT Achilles Rupture! LOL Both times I believe it was to slow me down! I have did ministries with Bill Gram (Hurricane Katrina) and Joyce Meyers.
    It is always a less of a fall when your on your knees than standing in pride. Been there! But a righteous man can get knocked down 7x and get back up again!
    Your bless my brother; God has a plan for you and your family and your right in the middle of it!
    God is in the healing business! You follow what he puts in your heart and listen with your spiritual ears. He will take care of your Achilles Rupture you can count on it! Blessed is the man who quiver is full.

    Christ’s love Brian

  3. Synne says:

    Thanks for the nice reading! It’s been seven weeks since my total ruptured achilles were sewn together again, and I can’t wait until I’m both walking and carrying a book at the same time 🙂 Greetings from Norway

  4. admin says:

    Thanks, Synne! Pretty awesome to get a comment from someone in Norway. Glad my posts helped.

  5. Angie says:

    Reading your post , I rupture my achillis 12/11/2011. My doctor had to put some wire with my repair , because it was a bad tear. But God ,this happen when I was doing a praise dancing in church in 2011, I know there was a reason  I had two sister within 7 months to go home with The Lord. My oldest sister Janice  passed 4/14/2011 and the last sister I had Laverne passed 11/12/2011 . I reputured my Achilles 12/11/2011 I was out of wk for 5 months and God gave me 5 months to be home with my mom ,we needed that time together God knew what we needed  to heal. Sometimes I push to hard I am 45 yrs old , trying to get healthier and lose weight , Thanking God I can do Zumba , Kickboxing . A little running , something's I will not try and one is jumping  but I am thankful God has blessed us to make it  through , also that year 2/24/2011 my father I. Law of 23 yrs  went home with The Lord all three had cancer  , through  Christ Jesus I can smile as I look back over the mountain amen .  

  6. Ian says:

    Amazing Ian a beliver and gone though he'll with Achilles pain in both feet along with PF in both feet .thanks for positive message thought it was just another forum




  7. Susan Capenos says:

    Inspirational story of what gave you the time to focus on the gift you could give to others. I’m 12 months post op and still having trouble as there is much scar tissue around the tendon reattachment. I am grateful to be walking. I am grateful to be safe and healthy in this pandemic I appreciate all who I have in my life. I hope to be able to give back to my community when I can. Sometimes we get that “wake up call” and answer the need.

  8. Masebina Ramokotjo says:

    My husband was booked for an abdominal operation and just a week before his operation date, I raptured my left leg Achilles tendon while engaged on work wellness program playing netball on 27 July 2022. I was operated upon on 08.08.2022 discharged on the 09.08.2022 and on the 11.08.2022 my husband went to Bloemfontein for his operation. On coming back, both of us were confined to bed. I was using crutches, he was walking but with very difficulty. On reading your messages, I also believe now that God wanted to keep us together especially for me to be closer to my husband. I am always close to him because I do not leave my house except when going to church, to gym or to work. My husband is healed properly now except his one leg which is swelling up and painful. I am grateful to God that I can now walk though this leg is still swelling up when I am standing. I am able to do yoga. I am in my 4th month now. Please advise me on what to do to do away with the swelling. I have made peace with the fact that I can no longer run, no longer do jump exercises and I still happy to be able to do tummy, butt, arms and legs exercises that I do lying down etc. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I

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