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A Sober Eschatology (or How to Live in the End Times without Losing Your Mind)

I guess from the world’s perspective I am pretty crazy. I believe that Jesus Christ is coming back in the clouds to snatch away His bride, the church. I believe that a time of intense tribulation is coming on the … Continue reading

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The Strange Mix of Dispensational, Postmillennial, Pentecostal, Political, Prophetic, Apocalyptic, Gnostic Christianity

Have you noticed the newfangled Coca-Cola Freestyle dispensers in restaurants? They allow you to mix your own concoction of soft drinks with the click of a button. I have stood behind kids whisking through the screens combining a host of … Continue reading

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The Inconvenient Truth about Abortion

Abortion. Roe v. Wade. Supreme Court leaks. Protests. All of it is so emotionally and politically charged that it is hard to sort through, think through, or discuss without an argument. But if you step back for a moment… if … Continue reading

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What’s the Deal with the OT Laws on Clean and Unclean Food?

Preaching through Romans, I have encountered the issue of clean and unclean foods (chapters 14-15). Apparently this was a major issue and a big point of contention between the Gentile and Jewish believers in the early church. It had to … Continue reading

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Is the Russian Invasion of Ukraine Revealed in Prophecy?

Russia invaded the nation of Ukraine on February 24, 2022. It has certainly shocked and shaken the world. Shocked…because of the sheer audacity of Russia to snub its nose at the entire free world and launch a full-scale military attack … Continue reading

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